Over the past few years, the church’s leadership has been prayerfully listening to how and where God is leading Cottonwood Church to grow, in ministry, outreach and physical space. There have been numerous discussions and internal assessments on necessary next steps to serve the growing congregation and community-at-large.  Between a large and expanding youth ministry, and a large and expanding children’s population, there’s a strong need to have classrooms to adequately meet the needs.   We’ve observed that our ability to attract new families will diminish if our worship and fellowship space cannot accommodate more attendees. With a goal to make our church more hospitable we are updating the sanctuary, knowing that strategically re-purposing some of this space will make Cottonwood Church even more inviting.  Along with the blessing of a growing congregation, we believe it is time to remodel our building to help us fulfill the expanding mission and vision of the church.


Estimated project Cost: $2,500,00


Pledged Drive Goal: $1,500,00 (given over 3 years)


Upon reaching 1,000,000 we will engage The Architecture group to complete an architectural drawing. Once the drawing is complete we will seek bids for various parts of the project. We will also be accepting in-kind donations. Construction will not begin until we reach the $1,500,000 pledge drive goal. Additional funding will be secured through a bank loan or promissory notes. The Estimated Construction time once the goal is met is 6 months to ground breaking and 6-8 months to complete construction.


Be sure to change to fund to "Capital Campaign Pledge Drive"


New Children’s Ministry Classrooms

At Cottonwood we have a mission to provide biblical teaching to our children in a world that is increasingly difficult to do so. All available classrooms are currently used, additional classrooms are needed to make sure this mission is met.

New Nursery

The growth of our church is in large part due to families with small children and our current nursery can no longer accommodate our needs. This expansion will create a main floor nursery that is more accessible and visible to our visitors when they enter and also create a more secure, suitable environment for the nursery-aged children.

New Meeting Spaces

Our vision is to gather community and grow in Christ. Space for small groups and bible studies is needed to allow us to gather and continue to enrich our lives through the study of God's word.

Kitchen Updates

Our Church cares about meeting the needs of our community. Updating the kitchen will allow us to better serve our community by providing and "After School Kids Program" and other outreach meals. 

Increased Gathering Space

Our growth has maximized our gathering space before, between and after our services. The expansion will create an expanded narthex, as well as connect two of our buildings. This will increase and better utilize the space we have to connect with each other and our community.