You are welcome to join us this Sunday for one of our two services at 8:50 am and 10:30 am. The doors to church will open at 8:30 am. Both of these services will also be broadcast at  Check out the video and frequently asked questions below for updates and more information. 


  • Masks are required at our 8:50 service and recommended but optional at our 10:30 service. 

  • Spaced out seating. Please leave 2 seats between you and other families. 

  • Limited seating in the Sanctuary.

  • Doors will open at 8:30am.

  • Touchless service. (open doors, no offering baskets passed, baskets will be available near the doors)

  • “Normal” worship service with praise team, singing and teaching. 

  • No nursery or Walk With Me, please keep your children with you. It's okay if the church is a little loud because it’s filled with children. 

  • Overflow seating is available in the new addition, Fireside room and café.

  • Coffee will not be available, you are welcome to bring a beverage with you.



Why are we re-opening?

In survey sent out a few weeks ago, 75% of the congregation, who responded, want to return to worship soon. We are praying, listening to you, analyzing the statistics provided by the state of Michigan, watching what the CDC says, talking to medical people, developing a prudent protocol, and are planning on reopening Cottonwood. We also recognize some people should not return at this time. There is a risk involved. Those who have health concerns should not return at this point and we even discourage some from returning now. And if anyone does not feel well, do not come to church. Even if it is “spring allergies” please do not come if you might sneeze or cough on others. Additionally, for those who may be wondering, from the state of Michigan, “you also cannot be penalized for engaging in or traveling to engage in religious worship at a place of religious worship.” 

What about masks and social distancing?

Masks are required to join us for worship at the 8:50 service, they are recommended but optional at the 10:30 service.We have spaced out the seating around the building to accommodate the social distancing recommendations. We know we haven’t seen each other in a long time but not everyone is ready for a hug or a handshake. For now we ask that you respect each other and the many opinions regarding the 6’ rule.


Will there be nursery?

For now, we are not providing nursery or Walk With Me (Kids Church) for the services on Sunday. That being said, children are a big part of who we are at Cottonwood and they are welcome to join us in the sanctuary, even if they’re not perfectly quiet the whole time. 

Parking and arrival?

The doors to church will open at 8:30am. Please park in the parking lot, when you arrive.  We are doing our best to respect our neighbors so please do not park on the road.


What are you doing to keep things clean?

  • We are following CDC recommendations for cleaning

  • Our janitors are doing a great job of sanitizing door knobs, countertops, and handrails. 

  • Exhaust fans will be on before and during the service to provide fresh air throughout the morning services.

  • Sanitizers are placed in strategic places throughout the campus. We encourage you to wash your hands often. 

  • We will be sanitizing the bathrooms prior to each service. 

  • The worship center will be disinfected before and after services.


What should I expect when it's time to leave?

At the end of the service, ushers will dismiss everyone. Please exit the sanctuary through the door you entered. For now, we ask that any of you who plan to gather and talk with each other after church, to please continue out of the building and have those conversations. This will allow our cleaning team to prepare for the next service.

Is the building open?

The building is open! Card access has been reactivated, if you have one. For now we are asking that you make an appointment with Bernie ( if you would like to meet in the building as a small group or a ministry. 

If you need further assistance finding and watching the stream on Sunday at 8:50AM, please watch the tutorial video 

If you need further assistance giving online, please watch the tutorial video