We trust and pray that you are doing well and staying safe. Everyone has heard that our elected officials and the health department have reinstated several restrictions for the next three weeks. Although they did not go as far as the complete lockdown that we saw last spring, these recent measures will force significant changes to the Thanksgiving (and perhaps Christmas) plans for most of us.


There is no denying that this will be a significant blow to many people, both emotionally and economically. More than for any other holidays, in our culture Thanksgiving and Christmas have always been synonymous with gatherings of family and friends.


High schools and universities across Michigan have moved to learn online for the next few weeks. People have been asked to restrict some of the things we hold dear to the holiday season.


As a Church, we can lead by example to our families and community. While we have implemented many safety measures at Cottonwood, COVID 19 is spreading rapidly outside our walls. Our current mission is to keep our congregation and our community safe, and most importantly, keep our children in school.


Demonstrating that we, as Christians, care about our community is essential. In that spirit, Cottonwood will be taking a two-week break from on-site worship and move to worship online from our homes beginning this Sunday, November 22. 


We ask that you pray with us that as a community, we can reverse the current trend and that our PK-8 schools can remain open and high schools and colleges will return to on-site learning again. Our prayer is that we will all stay safe in the days that lie ahead, and as we celebrate Thanksgiving. We look forward to the time when we return to in-person worship soon. 

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