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Custodian Job Opportunity:

The job of custodian at Cottonwood is a ministry of cleaning and maintenance of our property, building, furniture and equipment to provide a safe and clean place of worship, meeting and working for our congregation, our staff and our visitors. God has given us these physical gifts and it is our duty to watch over and care for all of these gifts. The custodian position is one of our staff positions where we are able and expected to contribute to the mission of Cottonwood of Gathering Community and Growing in Christ.

A. The care of the buildings, grounds, equipment, and furnishings is under the supervision of the Building and Grounds Committee. The custodian is under the direction of the Building and Grounds Committee along with the Church Administrator on a daily basis and responsible for keeping the properties clean, properly operative, and in good condition. The custodian is expected to spend sufficient time and effort to accomplish this.

B. The following items are a guide for the work of the custodian, but are not considered exhaustive, as the nature of this service is such that every detail cannot be covered by definite and specific details. The below list may be amended by Council as needed:

1. Outside walks and unloading areas for guests to be kept free of snow, ice and dirt. Walkways to be salted, as needed.

2. Grounds at the Church to be maintained and kept presentable. Grass to be sprinkled when necessary, landscaping beds to be treated for weeds; bushes and trees to be trimmed when necessary; garbage and debris to be picked up.

3. Church doors and windows at entrances to be cleaned weekly. The other Church windows to be washed twice annually or more often if needed.

4. Narthex, steps, and common traffic areas to be monitored daily and vacuumed, as necessary. Sanctuary and meeting rooms to be vacuumed bi-weekly or as needed.

5. Bathrooms, drinking fountains to be monitored daily and cleaned as needed. Soap, paper towels, toilet paper to be kept stocked at all times.

6. Sanctuary chairs to be straightened weekly and inspected for any spot treatment, if needed. Misc. paper and debris in sanctuary to be picked up weekly.

7. Furniture and window sills in church to be dusted weekly. 8. All trash and refuse to be disposed of daily.

9. Minor repairs and replacing light bulbs to be done promptly. Provide general maintenance on equipment.

10. Set up and take down tables and chairs for church functions, weddings, and funerals.

11. Building to be opened and closed at proper times for meetings and rentals.

12. The custodian is to be familiar with the HVAC, and the operations of all mechanical systems

in the church.

13. Custodian to be available on Sundays between services for general cleanup and disinfecting of common surfaces.

14. The custodian is responsible to arrange for their own qualified approved substitute, in their absence.

C. Evaluation and Compensation

1. Evaluation of job performance to be conducted annually by the Executive Committee along with the Building and Grounds.

2. Salary and other compensation are set by the Executive Committee (within the overall budget with approval by the Council and Congregation).

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