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Associate Pastor – Job Description
  • Administrative Responsibilities

    • Oversee the Community Connection program.

Identify community service projects and encourage congregational members to participate in those projects.

    • Ministry Opportunities 

      • Work with the ministry coordinator to develop communication strategies that encourage membership participation in ministries at Cottonwood Church. 

      • Connect with new members and share ministry opportunities. 

      • Reach out to congregational members to identify ministry opportunities where they might be interested in serving. 

    • Work with the senior pastor to establish and maintain a congregational Welcome Team. 

      • Recruit members to follow up with guests. 

      • Conduct training with members on effective strategies for welcoming guests and frequent visitors. 

    • Communication Management 

      • Serve as the point of contact for church-wide emails. 

      • Help with Cottonwood’s social media presence. 

    • Attend Council, Elder, assigned committee and staff meetings. 

  • Worship Responsibilities 

    • Serve as preaching pastor for approximately 25% of worship services, and during special services upon request of the senior pastor. 

    • Share in the leading of the sacraments, as well as weddings and funerals. 

    • Develop a prayer ministry. 

  • Congregational Life Responsibilities 

    • Oversee the WeCare program.

      • Work with the calling pastor to schedule senior and shut-in visits. 

      • Work with shepherding elders to oversee their districts.

      • Assist the senior pastor in hospital calls and crisis care.

      • Maintain the WeCare online records. 

    • Develop programs that seek to foster cross-generational ministry opportunities. 

    • Develop leaders for ministry.

  • Educational Responsibilities 

    • Serve as a member of the Education Committee. 

    • Small Groups. 

      • Encourage membership participation in small groups. 

      • Develop resource materials for use by small groups. 

    • Discipleship ministries: Work with the Education Committee, and the church administrator. 

      • Encourage membership participation in discipleship ministries.

      • Identify mentorship programs for use by members who wish to lead/attend discipleship opportunities.

  • Reporting 

    • Responsible to senior pastor. 

    • Report monthly to council. 

    • Performance will be reviewed after 90 days, 6 months, and from that point annually by the Executive Committee. 

  • Qualifications 

    • Possess and demonstrate a passionate relationship with Jesus Christ. 

    • Ordained or a candidate for ordination. 

      • Proven commitment to the Christian faith and Reformed confessions. 

      • Proven understanding of the Bible and Biblical principles. 

    • Become a member of Cottonwood Church within 6 months of taking position. 

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